Sunday, December 18th 2016 – PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT 2016


If I see one more F#%$ing meme about 2016 being sooo baaaddd, I am going to lose it.

(This is me losing it now by the way)

For weeks now, all that is spreading around on social media is how bad of a year everyone has had this 2016.

But really, was it really that BAD FOR YOU?

People please stop spreading negative nancy news on social media about how awful your 2016 was when you have a healthy family to go home to, or you are blessed to be able to travel the world, or you finally got that promotion/house/wedding that you have been waiting for and just having a life in general.

Yes, I do know some really crappy things have happened this year-


Please note, This is not meant to be insensative or offend anyone, especially if there is anyone reading this who have been personally affected by such things this year. BUT really if that hasn’t personally affected you, please for the love of god stop complaining.

Do I think that Brock Turner should be locked up for life, YES! Do I agree with Trump being voted into a position of power? HELL NO.

I understsnd that with that ‘cheerio head’ our generation is about to take a step backwards  after 30+ years of slow progress. But, that is because little by little, our society is letting it happen. Our society is continuesly focusing on the negative in the world, that is why ‘2016 was such a bad year’. Let’s fast forward 12 months shall we and lets see what happens in 2017 hmm..

So many people were focused on Trump not winning the election, but there was too much publicity and attention for him not to be. Everyone could see that coming from a mile away.

Life is about interpretation and if you take on all of the negative things that have happened this year instead of focusing on all of the positive aspects in your life, negativity will continue to be drawn to you.



I am working and living overseas and live a life of traveling and peace because I have chosen this life. It is not because of luck or chance. It is about the law of attraction ( I will be going into further detail about this in another blog post)

You have the choice to live a positive life too.

I am not being ignorant about the bad crap that happens in the world either. I know that bad things happen everyday. But you aren’t going to help anyone but taking on their negativity. It is a cycle. Promote positiveness and that is what will be received in return.

I’ve had my own share of bad days this year, just because I generally don’t post about them, doesn’t mean they don’t happen. I just choose not to focus on them, and if I do, it is to make a point or show a lesson from something to have learnt from. I always choose a positive from a bad day.

We all have bad days, and that is ok. Take them for what they are. But has there really been 352 days so far of bad days this year??

Still don’t believe me- check out the good things that happened this year 🙂

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