A Life That Is – Living Naturally

Hi it’s Mel from ‘A Life That Is’

I started using doTERRA in July 2018 for many different reasons. It was introduced into my life just at the right time, after the birth of my baby girl.

I had always wanted to look further into using natural products in my home. And not just for my benefit, but more importantly for the benefit of my family, but never knew where to start. That was until a good friend came for a visit one day, brought her goody bag of oils, joined me into an amazing network of oil lovers and information on how and what to use. The rest they say is history.

My health and medical background is another big motivator in wanting to live a healthy life, and in all aspects. I was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was 10 years old. Not only does living a healthy life reduce the risk of recurrence, I believe that due to the damage done internally to my body from chemotherapy, using chemical and toxin free products keeps my body and cells more vital and reducing the long term damage of chemotherapy.

Today, i love sharing my background and knowledge with others and helping them fulfil their lives with tox-free products and the confidence to take their health and wellness into their own hands.

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