Day 7 Sunday 16th August- “I have a dream”

So as you might imagine, this morning was a little bit rusty after a night at Shenanigans.

The contiki family is becoming a lot closer now and everyone has everyone’s back.

This morning, we decided an epic Burger King feed was in order to fix us up right.

Nothing like sitting in the hallway of the hotel with a dirty Burger King burger reminiscing on the past evenings events.

It really is such an amazing bond that is building between this incredible group of people.

After our mid morning session, another girl and myself ventured to the Newseum.

The photo doesn’t do the view of Washington DC justice at all.

As we made our way through the Newseum, we were slowly starting to feel better.

The exhibitions were certainly interesting.

There is a Berlin Wall exhibition, a very moving 9/11 exhibition, a section where the front pages of all of the newspapers from around the world as well as news breaking headlines dating back from at least the last 200 years.

The next stop for myself was the Lincoln Memorial.

The rest of the group had already seen it on Friday night in the city tour when I was at the Zac Brown Band concert, so I went by myself on the Metro.

The view was grand, beautiful and absolutely spectacular!

Although outside, the weather was hot and steamy, I enjoyed the afternoon exploring by myself seeing everything of what was left on my Washington DC bucket list before we leave tomorrow.

Having an early one tonight! Heading off to Raleigh, North Carolina tomorrow 🙂