Contiki 2014 – Grand Northern USA

Throwback Thursday 

A Life That Is

For a while, I’ve wanted to write about my contiki in 2014.

I hadn’t started my blog yet when I traveled then but I definitely want to do a review on the tour. So I what I think I’ll do, is an over all overview of the contiki, then another blog of each of the place we stopped in at!

The tour started on a rainy morning in downtown New York at the Doubltree By Hilton, Chelsea. The night before, most of us met in the lobby for a quick meet and greet and exchange paperwork of insurance and passports with our contiki manager Craig, a typical American with a very strong southern accent, which threw me at first. Christ, what am I doing? Why on earth did I book this trip, everyone is terrifying me!

My anxiety of new people went into overdrive and I was stuck in the…

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Day 30 Tuesday 8th September – “Home is now behind you, the world is ahead” Gandalf the Great/ Contiki Charity

It is always a sad day when contiki comes to an end.

You spend a month with incredible people, getting to know their ins and outs, see their ups and downs, and overall, become friends that will last a lifetime.

Travel isn’t about the places you see, it’s about who you travel with along the way. Contiki brings out the best people who are all looking to meet other fellow travelers.

On the final day of contiki, I realized that it’s not the places that we visited, or the hotels we stayed in or the food we ate, but the laughs that were shared along the way that will be missed the most.

On the very first day of your, everyone was nervous and shy about getting to know everyone else.

But we all pushed each other out of our comfort zones, to make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead.

After 26 days of being together, we knew that the reason it is so sad, is that we had all become so comfortable with each other, being around each other everyday or waking up to the company of your room mate.

The first day and last day of contiki are the most important to an individual.

The in between, we learn to push ourselves. But it is truly on the last day, where we have to say goodbye to everything that we know. Say goodbye to the life of the last 26 days and accept the fact that, life goes on.

For most of us, there will always be another trip or another contiki. Which means inevitably, more fellow travellers.

As Gandalf the Great, or our very own Contiki Charity once said, “Home is now behind you, the world is ahead”.

Each trip, or new chapter in the book, we are leaving what we know behind, and starting again.

I want to thank each and every one of amazing people that I travelled with during not only the 26 days of the Grand Southern, but the 4 days in New York as well.

What a journey it has been!


Day 29 Monday 7th September – Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened 


 Well I must say for the most part of today, I didn’t do a whole lot except sleep!

I didn’t get in til 6.30am this morning after drinking with an old contiki friend back at the hotel! It was great to catch up!

So after sleeping til about noon, I managed to get myself up, get some food and begun getting ready for the last night of contiki 😦

Myself and a few of the girls went to the ‘High Roller’ Ferris Wheel to check out Vegas from a new view.

And as you can see from above, I’m sure Vegas got a view of its own 😉 haha, don’t worry no one saw anything, it was just for fun!

After the Ferris Wheel, we all met at MGM Grande for our Limo with champagne ride before heading to the club of the night, XS at The Encore, with 3 other contikians!!!

It was really cool to see people that I was in New York with nearly a month ago, I’d missed them so much.

Well there’s not much to say about the night, other than it was huge like the night before 🙂

I’m pretty sure there was a compliment drink with our entry, and we all ordered Long Island Iced Teas, I know I didn’t need another after that.

All in all, it was sad to say, but contiki has all but come to an end 😦


Day 28 Sunday 6th September – “Birthday Celebrations”



Good Morning Ya’ll :)So yeah… As you can guess, today is MY BIRTHDAY!

And today, we are off to Las Vegas, the original sin city 🙂

This morning we left and on the way to Las Vegas, we stopped in at a little town on Route 66.

It was a hot town in the middle of the desert full of quirky signs and attractions.

The bus journey was a fun one with party music and games for an amazing day ahead.

We played plenty of Calvin Harris, because tonight, myself and the girls are heading to Hakassan at the MGM Grande to see him live in Las Vegas!

When we arrived at Las Vegas mid afternoon, we unpacked all of our luggage and headed up to the rooms.

Some went shopping while others began pre drinking.

I headed down to the salon at the hotel to get my hair done for my birthday 🙂

After getting all dolled up for the night, I returned back to the room to find a beautiful surprise waiting for me…

And there was so much more confetti throughout that what is in that picture!

My contiki girls are amazing and I love you all for making my birthday such a special night 😀

We had dinner at the Planet Hollywood at Caesars Palace Forum Shops.

After we finished our meals, I was given a birthday ice cream with a sparkler and everyone sang happy birthday.

It was beautiful 😊

We left Planet Hollywood and hopped on the bus to do a Las Vegas city tour and stop at the infamous sign at the end of the strip!

We spent an amazing night visiting an Elvis chapel and visiting the lights on Freemont Street and partying on the bus along the way.

Finally, we ended up at MGM Grande where we continued to party it up and see the one and only Calvin Harris 😍


Day 26 Friday 4th September – “You’ve got to put the past behind you, before you can move on” Forrest Gump

I’ve been traveling so far for 25 days now, and a full on ride since the beginning with no doubt. There has been many ups, really great days, moments and experiences with people. But what comes with travelling, there has also been downs, being home sick, missing my friends and family at home, tired, run down and exhausted from travelling.

But thanks to the amazing people that you travel with along the way, they will always pick you back up.

You have to remember that, although you are allowed to miss your friends and family, you are in an incredible place that you may only ever get one chance to experience, to just keep moving forward.

As Forrert Gump would say “My Mumma always said, you’ve got to put the past behind you, before you can move on”

This morning was cold, wet and drizzly morning in Durango.

I made my way to breakfast early to beat the rush. My bags were all ready to go along with my travel pillow and bus blanket for a sleepy day on the bus.

As we left Durango, we knew it was going to be quite a drive today along the way to the Grand Canyon, through Monument Valley along the way!

After a couple of hours on the road, we reached our first destination, the road on Monument Valley.

We all stopped for amazing photos and to admire the scenery.

This is the road that we all know so well, that was made more famous than it already was in the movie Forrest Gump.

The scene where Forrest is doing his running scene, and at the end of his run after over 2 years of running through the country, he turns around to the crowd behind him and says “I’m pretty tired, think I’ll go home now”

We decided while on at the side of the road, to reanact a famous Forrest Gump scene.

One of the girls had a Bubba Gump hat and poncho so she was put at the front while everyone else ‘ran’ behind 🙂

After our stop on the road, we headed to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, the visitors centre that is on Indian land.

A really great place for more incredible photo moments.

It was also extremely windy so getting a good photo with the flag was a challenge haha.

Once we finished having photos, we headed through the rest of the valley, and on our way to the Grand Canyon!

It was still early in the afternoon when we arrived at the Grand Canyon National Park!!

Even though I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before, it was just as impressive as it was before. Last time I had been in the North Rim on my previous contiki.

This time, we were on the South Rim and even lucky enough to have two nights in the Grand Canyon 🙂

Haha I even attempted the almighty contiki jump!

That night, we had an included dinner at the cafeteria at the Maswik Lodges we were staying at.

A few people were having ‘room drinks’ but myself and my room mate decided to have a night in watching The Lion King on my laptop!

A good quiet night in 🙂


Day 25 Thursday 3rd September – “Not all who wander are lost” J. R. R. Tolkien

“Not all who wander are lost”

I love this quote because I feel it is about exploring and not limiting to what you can explore and discover.

One in not lost, nor are they exploring to find anything in particular, but exploring to see what can be found.

While on contiki, there are many ‘optionals’ that can be chosen while you are in your travels. They are local experiences that we can get at a discounted group rate through contiki.

This morning, the optional that I have been looking most forward to was hot air ballooning over Albuquerque!

I can not describe how spectacular the view of the Albuquerque sunrise from the air was.

A few of us in our basket even face timed our families from the air.

It was a pretty special morning!

We watched the balloon set up before getting into the air. While we were up, we watched the view of the mountains while below us, the town was waking up and getting ready for work or the day. We even managedtoe flow enough at some points to say hi and wave at the neighborhoods below as people waved up at us!

Once we had been up in the air for our lovely ride, we landed in a small suburban street where we had more pictures taken, locals coming out of their houses to watch the balloon get let down and we had our champagne breakfast with a pop up table while the guys from the ballooning company packed the basket, ropes, ties and the ballon into their trailer.

The company is called Rainbow Riders. You can find them at and I would highly rate and recommend them 🙂

When we got back to the hotel, we received a cute personal certificate from Rainbow Riders.

Once we pulled all our bags out of our rooms, we packed up the bus again and once again, we had another bus morning on the way Durango, Colorado!

When we arrived Durango not long after lunch time, some of the group went to go horse riding while others when white water rafting.

Some didn’t choose either including myself and a few other lovely ladies I’ve become good friends with.

We decided to explore around the town, which isn’t overly large, but very cute, country but contemporary at the same time 🙂

We started at one end of the Main Street, going into gift stores, candy stores, a mountain chocolate shop 🙂

There were second hand books stores, coffee shops, cards readers and cafes.

We had an afternoon of wandering around the town and discovering the culture. It’s a cute place for sure!

When the others had finished with their optionals, we all met back at the bus to go and check into our hotel in Durango.

We checked in and began to get ready for the night ahead.

It wasn’t a night to get overly dressed up but we still had an included dinner at a place called Carver’s Brewing Company.

I had what I assumed was a ‘taco’ but all of the ingredients of the taco were on a hard base, sort of like a pizza base. Not the greatest meal I’d had on contiki. I ate it but probably would not have it again if I had the opportunity.

We all finished our odd dinners before heading across the road to Moe’s Tavern 🙂

It was a quirky small bar that had a dark staged area out the back for small bands or stand up comedy and inside was a ping pong table and booths across from the main part of the bar.

We all only just fit in.

It was an interesting place and we didn’t stay for overly long before heading back to the hotel.


Day 24 Wednesday 2nd September – “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And, I was really… I was alive” Walter White, Breaking Bad.

Travel has always inspired me. Seeing beautiful landscapes, meeting amazing people, experiencing once in a lifetime opportunities.

Knowing that there is so much in this world to discover and knowing more than anything, that I have to do it all, and that I can.

What makes you feel more alive than amazing people and and a picturesque world?

This morning, before we left for Albuquerque, we made a special stop at the Cadillac Ranch just outside of Amarillo.

The amazing contiki tour manager bought spray paint for us to leave our mark at Cadillac Ranch (which yes it is legal to do) 🙂

The day was beautiful and bright and the most perfect was to start the day.

I could tell that our special little group was forming a unique bond that can never be broken 💜

I could see that the individuals at the beginning of the tour that had originally been the shy and quiet ones, had opened up and shared their lives and their true personalities with everyone in the group.

A sense of freedom and self expression at Cadillac Ranch today was one of the happiest moments on contiki so far. Not just myself but the whole group 🙂


We had to get back on the bus and after a couple of hours, we had a lunch stop in Santa Fe where we explored around and had some yummy Mexican food for lunch.

Finally we made it to Albuquerque that evening.

I was exhausted and wanted just a night in. There was an included dinner at the hotels buffet style followed by karaoke in the small bar.

I stayed to watch a couple of people sing but myself and my room mate had an early night, watching a little bit of Family Guy on to before turning in for a big day tomorrow!!


Day 23 Tuesday 1st September – “Brace your backbone and forget your wishbone”

Hi everyone!!

Wow, what a blast contiki has been so far.

It’s sad because I know before long now, it will all come to an end!

And it’s my birthday soon which really will be the end of contiki when we are finishing up in Las Vegas.

For those who have previously traveled on a contiki or a group tour that travels so closely together for an extended period of time will understand just how easily and quickly you can create a connection with some of the most amazing people you will ever meet.

People who you know are like you, who think like you, who look at life the same way that you do.

I know just how much I am going to miss this wonderfully group of people.

So a notification to anyone who is going on a contiki or group tour, prepare yourself to fall even more in love with life and with people.

Let yourself be inspired and motivated. Let people push you outside of your boundaries. Let people bring out the best in you and encourage others that they can do more and be more.

Anyway, enough of the soppy stories for now. Because there is still much more to be updated from today and still another whole week to go on contiki!

This morning we left for Amarillo, Texas at the Big Texan Inn. It wasnt an overly long bus day but out tour manager had us play contiki olympics on the bus with games to keep us busy and occupied 🙂


Around mid afternoon, we arrived! It was a hot steamy day so a lot of us went for a swim in the Texas shaped swimming pool!

We had plenty of time to relax in the pool before getting ready for dinner at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. Four people from the contiki  group were participating in the infamous steak challenge.

This place is incredible! So much fun.

So the steak challenge involves eating 4.5 pounds of steak, baked potato, shrimp cocktail, salad and a bread roll. The contenders have an hour to complete the challenge by themselves and if the meal is completed within the hour, the $72 meal is free.

For more information, check it out here-

That night we also had our contiki cowboy/ cowgirl party at the Big Texan I mentioned in a previous post.

We dressed up in our cowboy and cowgirl gear, did our hair and out on our hats and bandanas!

Once the steak challenge was complete, which unfortunately no one was able to finish, we headed into the bar and put on numerous requests into the dukebox and played the shooting games in the bar.

They had special Texas cocktails at the bar and we danced late into the night boot scooting, nutbushing and even the Cupid shuffle 🙂


It was a really great fun and carefree night and we could stay as late as we wanted because our hotel was right next door at the Big Texan Inn!

Slowly one by one we headed home to our funky hotel rooms and get ready for another day on the bus tomorrow.


Day 22 Monday 31st August- “Things do not happen, things are made to happen” JFK

This morning started off with a nice big hangover feed downstairs in the breakfast room.

Last night when I got back to the hotel, I was so desperate for laundry to be done, I did it at 2am because nobody else was at that time. So I took my nail file, nail polish and gave myself a mani pedi while my clothes were washing.

Anyone who has travelled will appreciate the precious time you have to be able to do washing.

Anyway, so after breakfast, a few of us headed up the road to a place called Wild Bills. Apparently pretty popular here in Dallas.

This place was amazing!! It had boots galore, real cowboy hats, shirts, jeans, souvenirs, anything cowboy, you name it they had it!

And I may have splurged and bought myself some really attractive 100% genuine leather boots. It’s the reason I had been saving my bum off for so long, to spend it while on contiki.

After the adventure at Wild Bill’s, we all as a contiki group walked up to the JFK museum at The Texas School Book Depository Building.

We walked up the street, where back in 1963 JFK was assassinated.


In the museum, the story of JFK’s life was presented in pictures, stories and quotes before going on to tell the story of the assassination

Once the museum had been explored, we all hopped on the bus to head out to the town of the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards!

What a cute little place!

I absolutely loved it 🙂

We spent all afternoon exploring the town, watching the 4pm cattle drive and having some dinner then heading over to Billy Bobs Honky Tonk, the biggest Honky Tonk bar in the world!


It was only a Monday night so it wasn’t too busy in there. But it was massive!! I can only imagine what it would be like on a Friday or Saturday night!

It was so much fun 🙂

It had its own souvenir shop, an indoor bull ring (for real Bulls) a claw machine with over sized cowboy hats and a room with rows and row of pool tables.

Not to mention the countless bars, dance floors and dining areas.

Next door is a hall attached for county music concerts 🙂

This is one place I will defiantly be going back to!

So unfortunately, our night at the honky tonk had to end and we got in the bus back to Dallas to a beautiful scene with buildings light up infringe of us.

Myself and a friend stopped at the Round Up Saloon where a few others also stopped off to continue the night while there at caught the bus back to the hotel.

The Round Up Saloon was ok. Like it is a Monday night. There wa karaoke in the front room which no one was participating in. In the back room, was a dance floor with a costume on the dummy challenge.

The entertainment of the night however was $1 jelly shots.

We all had a couple and decided to head to the bar from last night, the Kung Fu Saloon!

Again we played video games and more rounds of jenga, only had a couple of drinks and decided to call it a night 🙂


Day 21 Sunday 30th August- “The task that remains is the entrance our independence, to see ourselves reflected in every other human being, and to respect and honor differences”- Melba Patillo Beals 

This morning we left Memphis for our next destination, Dallas, Texas!

Yee haw!!

After only a short trip on the bus, we stopped into a little town called Little Rock.

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, integration was slowly making its way through the south, regardless of the rebellion against integration.

In Little Rock, 9 students decided to integrate to Central High School, regardless of the controversial southern views at the time.

The 9 children endured bullying, beating, criticism, shouting t and much more, just for the opportunity and right to attend an ‘integrated’ high school.

This was a chain reaction which continued in the south, as integration began to become more accepted.

It was certainly an emational but extremely educational visit, one I am glad we made. I would highly recommend to anyone who is travelling in the area to stop on.

I even bought a book; ‘Warriors don’t cry’ by Melba Patillo Beals.

A short while later, we had a lunch and stock up stop at our all favorite el cheapo- Walmart!

We stocked up on goodies and supplies as well as an outfit for the upcoming cowgirl/ cowboy party!

We had another stop along the way to Dallas, this time at Texarkana; the border between Texas and Arkansas. I can now say I’ve been in two places at once 😉

Finally, after another short trip on the coach, around mid afternoon, we arrived into Dallas, yay!!

For dinner tonight we had an included dinner at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen which was just a quick walk around the corner from the hotel.

From there we took a limo ride organized by our awesome contiki tour manager to a bar; Kun Fu Saloon.

The night at Kung Fu Saloon was so much fun.

The bar had arcade racing games, photos booths and giant jengas!

We had a late and extremely enjoyable night being big kids at Kung Fu Saloon before finally heading back home in the hummer limo which had been waiting for us 🙂