Sunday, December 18th 2016 – PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT 2016


If I see one more F#%$ing meme about 2016 being sooo baaaddd, I am going to lose it.

(This is me losing it now by the way)

For weeks now, all that is spreading around on social media is how bad of a year everyone has had this 2016.

But really, was it really that BAD FOR YOU?

People please stop spreading negative nancy news on social media about how awful your 2016 was when you have a healthy family to go home to, or you are blessed to be able to travel the world, or you finally got that promotion/house/wedding that you have been waiting for and just having a life in general.

Yes, I do know some really crappy things have happened this year-


Please note, This is not meant to be insensative or offend anyone, especially if there is anyone reading this who have been personally affected by such things this year. BUT really if that hasn’t personally affected you, please for the love of god stop complaining.

Do I think that Brock Turner should be locked up for life, YES! Do I agree with Trump being voted into a position of power? HELL NO.

I understsnd that with that ‘cheerio head’ our generation is about to take a step backwards  after 30+ years of slow progress. But, that is because little by little, our society is letting it happen. Our society is continuesly focusing on the negative in the world, that is why ‘2016 was such a bad year’. Let’s fast forward 12 months shall we and lets see what happens in 2017 hmm..

So many people were focused on Trump not winning the election, but there was too much publicity and attention for him not to be. Everyone could see that coming from a mile away.

Life is about interpretation and if you take on all of the negative things that have happened this year instead of focusing on all of the positive aspects in your life, negativity will continue to be drawn to you.



I am working and living overseas and live a life of traveling and peace because I have chosen this life. It is not because of luck or chance. It is about the law of attraction ( I will be going into further detail about this in another blog post)

You have the choice to live a positive life too.

I am not being ignorant about the bad crap that happens in the world either. I know that bad things happen everyday. But you aren’t going to help anyone but taking on their negativity. It is a cycle. Promote positiveness and that is what will be received in return.

I’ve had my own share of bad days this year, just because I generally don’t post about them, doesn’t mean they don’t happen. I just choose not to focus on them, and if I do, it is to make a point or show a lesson from something to have learnt from. I always choose a positive from a bad day.

We all have bad days, and that is ok. Take them for what they are. But has there really been 352 days so far of bad days this year??

Still don’t believe me- check out the good things that happened this year 🙂

Friday, December 16th 2016 – Dancing is good for the soul

As we approach the festive season of Christmas and New Years, I thought this might be an appropriate time to post this blog of mine.

Dancing and music has always been something that has made me feel good. Now I’m not a musician (although I tried a couple of times to learn guitar and fell out of habit each time) and I’m certainly no dancer, but I have fun with it none the less. I’ve taken the Zumba classes and my friends dance school adults classes on a Tuesday night when I was back in Australia. 

But my most favourite habit of all, in dancing of a morning when I’m getting ready for work!

Each morning I’ll have the music going in the shower, in my room while I’m doing my hair and makeup, even when I’ve got the kettle on for my coffee.

I like to think of it as ‘waking up on the right side of the bed’ but with music and dancing. I promise you, you will be in the best mood for a good part of the day if not all day! 

I used to listen to music in my car in Australia on the 40 minute commute to Tafe or the 5 minute drive to work. It’s a little bit different now with my 5 minute walk through knee deep snow to work 😂

So, music and dancing isn’t just for the celebration time of the year. It’s for 365 days a year when you wake up, grateful for the life you have been cherished with 💜

Monday, December 12th 2016 – I sometimes have 20 different drafts at once (now 21)

Have you ever come up with a blog idea in the middle of nowhere, but you don’t have time to sit down and pour your heart out into the post?

There has been so many times when I go “oh yeah, I want to blog about this topic”. I will create a draft and come back to it in a few days.

I feel like out here in Lake Louise, now that I have so to speak settled back in, I have been re-motivated and re-energized. I am finding a lot of inspiration from the people around me out here for things to blog about at the moment.

I currently have over 20 different drafts sitting in my drafts folder, just waiting to be written. It’s funny though because I will go through fases, where I have so many great pieces and want to write all the time, for weeks even. Then out of the blue, I can go weeks with out having an idea or doing a post.

I guess it’s like when you fall and out of the habit of going to the gym haha.

Happy Blogging 🙂





Saturday December 3rd 2016 – Knowledge Is Power

From the day I walked into my primary school, Cowra Public School, I was taught that ‘knowledge is power’. It was our school motto.



I always interpreted this as learning at school. Learning what our teachers were teaching us about our times tables and what is gramically correct. I never really fully understood the complexicity of the term until recently.

Everyday we are always learning. Every single day.

If we are not learning, we are not living.

It is always on the forefront of my mind to be able to share information with people that I come into contact with to help them learn something new. I know how excited and motivated I am when I learn something new.

Whether it is something work based, to help someone better their day at work or something personal, information or a hand that I can lend, I have always had the personality of wanting to help others.

The other day, a friend thanked me for recommending a particular experience to them that I had also experienced. It was knowledge that was too good not to share. Why would I keep information to myself when I can share it with the world. Better someone else’s day?

I think this is why I blog, to share information!

The more people circulate knowledge, the better off the world becomes.

When you ar excited about something new that you have learnt, or information that you KNOW will help someone else, I feel it is our duty as humans to help other gr0w.

The more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more power to you 🙂


My love hate relationship with my nomadic life


I absolutely love living in the Canadian Rockies. It is an amazingly beautiful part of the world, but sometimes I find myself getting stuck in a rut.

Lake Louise is isolated so some days I do get cabin fever, or depressed when I’m stuck with nothing to do but to go to the pub or sit at home and watch Netflix.

Yes, there is amazing hikes, canoeing and just simply the magnifying mountains that stand before me. There is simply no reason why I shouldn’t feel healthy when there is a staff gym as well as our own outdoor playground.

But, in my quiet times, I look at people at home who are getting married and having families and have networks of people who also have their own little families.

The most amazing little miracles happen everyday, more amazing than planet earth itself that I am beside myself that in the coming weeks, I am going to have my very own beautiful little nephew. I am so unbelievably excited about this. 

With that, I am now 25 years old, and one day recently, that fact actually caught up to me. I want a family one day too, I want the house and the picket fence and my dog, and it gets me down sometimes that my life isn’t there yet. So, I work and I travel.

Travelling, has always been my first love. And finding myself and my place in the world comes after that and today I finally felt myself have the epiphany I needed to break out of my rut.

The breakthrough.

I spent some time with my friends and realized, I know where I belong in the world and who I am. What my strengths and weaknesses are. What kind of people I need around me that support the positive energy that floats from within me.

I love my work but I hate the dangerous vortex of the Lake Louise pub lifestyle. I love my friends and the supportive network of a sisterhood we have created but I hate how depressed I become when I have a moment where I feel lost or alone. I love the fresh mountain air and the most breathtaking scenery that lays before me everyday, but I hate the fact that sometimes, I can feel trapped by it. 

I don’t need real or metaphorical mountains to tell me where I belong. 

I just know I belong in the world that is continuesly evolving and to not be afraid of it. I belong in a world of writing and inspiring. Which is why I blog.

I also belong in the world where I love my job and the way I can make someone feel better about themselves. I know that I have that and I feel blessed for it everyday.

I don’t necessarily need the house with the fence just yet, because I know one day it will be my turn. It’s okay to have bad days, I just need to remember to talk about them instead of letting things stew in my mind. I may need more of a sense of normalcy at some point, and that’s okay too.

But for now, I am enjoying the wonder of the world that is the Canadian Rockies. Because the day I look back when I do have the house with the fence and the dog, I want to know that I made the most of my time out here. 

Passionate – Why I Write

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

Let’s talk about the word passionate today 🙂

I want to write this blog for everyone who has ever thought about writting or blogging, but just never ‘got around to it’.

It’s an easy enough excuse or reason. I used to have the same reasoning. Until one day I just started writing. Writing and writing and writing. I began writing my book four years ago and I have now been blogging for about 18 months.

I don’t always have a lot to say, or anything in general, but when I do, it comes out like an erupted volcano in my mind! The words just flow one after the other which is why I always carry a pen and paper with me to jot down my notes and thoughts. I think I may also have a slight case of ADHD and anxiety which keeps the thoughts going constantly haha.

That aside, why do I write?

I write, because I am passionate about it.

Between other jobs that I have had previuosly and now my current job, I have still managed to find time to complete the book and try as much as possible to keep my blog up to date.

I do it because I am passionate about writing.

Some do it for a full time job, and I know why! There can be a lot to it. Noting your thoughts, putting things together, editing and proof reading, keeping up to date and current!

Or you can just do it, because it is something you are passionate about.

Do you want to give it a go?

For me, it all began with writing notes in my ‘notes’ section on my iPhone. Yeah, it was that easy. That is where my book began.

Then one day, I looked into different blogging websites and came across wordpress (ah my godsend). This website has an app that I have on my phone, so that if I want to write something on the spot and I am not at my computer or I am out, I just jump onto the app, makes some notes and safe the post as a draft and go back to it later.

Some days, some of my posts can take me up to a day to complete, some might only take half an hour.

But I do it. I do it because I am passionate about writing.

I don’t know why, but for the longest time that I can remember, I have always had something to say. An opinion or an idea that i just need to share. Instead of talking the ears off of my friends all the time, I just started writing.

If you think you want to give blogging a go too friends, I recommend it!

If your reading this post, you are already one step towards the rest. Sign up to wordpress and just make one simple little blog.

Explore the website, see where the links and buttons take you.

Blogging is a wonderful and artisitic outlet.

I can’t believe that as of April 2015, I have now written 141 post, I’ve had 1,977 views and 970 different visitors to my blog.

All I have been doing for the last 18 months is write an online diary. That’s all.

If your still not convinced, carry a pen and paper around with you. When you think that there is something that you want to write about, an idea or project, just jot down the notes at the time and go back to it when you have time.

Before you know it, you will have a whole book of notes and ideas.

I encourage you, if you are passionate about your thoughts and writing, just do it. It doens’t even need to be for the rest of the world to see right away, it might just be the most therapeutic thing you will ever do for yourself.


Tuesday August 9th 2016 – It’s been a year already..

Today, is one year since I left Australia for my big overseas adventure.

A whole 365 days had gone so quickly and I wonder how the time has really flown by.

I never expected it to go so quickly, but somehow, between work, socializing, exploring and meeting some truly incredible people, another year in life has come and gone.

I want to re cap on what I have learnt while being away for a year

1. I live to travel

Everything that I do, that I save for and think about is where the next destination is. What is the next adventure? Where else in the world do I want to explore.

The more than one travels, the more focused they are in doing so to keep traveling.

I have seen so many wonderful sights in the last year in the USA and here in the Canadian Rockies. This continuesly inspires me to want to see more.

2. Bad things will always happen whether you are travelling or not.

Don’t be afraid of something happening and letting it stop you from travelling. Whether some one is sick or going through a hard time, life will continue to go on.

I don’t mean to describe this in a selfish way, I just mean that sometimes it can’t be helped when something happens and you can’t be there for your family in the flesh.

Things have happened back at home in Australia in the last 12 months, things that I would typically be around my family for in a time of need.

Unfortunately, being on the other side of the world from your family can have its challenges. Being away doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means I am chasing my dreams, and realistically it can be difficult to be home at short notice.

I speak to my family regularly over Facebook chat and on the phone a lot. I wish I could be there more.

But something inside me, part of my fate and calling I guess you could say, has lead me to be here in Canada right now to travel, work and explore. So I make the most of my time while I am travelling, and I remember that good things happen too 😊

3. No two days are ever the same 

Each and everyday is a new and exciting adventure!

Something new is around each corner and you can never expect what will happen each day.

This is why every day is different, especially in Lake Louise-

September 17th 2015


October 13th 2015

October 31st 2015


November 23rd 2015


December 14th 2015


February 8th 2016


February 26th 2016


March 22nd 2016



May 2nd 2016


May 8th 2016


July 1st 2016


August 4th 2016

Lake Louise is so beautiful that it blows me away. I still pinch myself every day that the view is constantly changing and evolving with the weather and the season.

There is something new every single day 🙂

4. Through traveling, you find like minded people.

People are like magnets, what we are is what we attract.

I find myself to be a happy, positive and outgoing person. That is also the sort of people that I seem to attract.

I have met people out here that lived unique and interesting lives and I find them fascinating.

Like Buddha says “What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become”.

I enjoy and appreciate having friends that motivate and inspire me, and in return I hope that I inspire them too ❤

5. Lake Louise is it’s little own unique snow globe.

If you are looking to work in Lake Louise, or most places in the Canadian Rockies, be prepared for the isolation.

Some people aren’t up to handling the isolation out here, but for those who enjoy the tranquility, Lake Louise is perfect for you.

Lake Louise is 1,600 meters (5,200 Ft) above sea level. The air is much thinner and the life is much quieter. Coming from a town with a population of 35,000 people and a car, my local coffee shop and several shopping malls, I underestimated the feeling of being part of a town and society.

Here in Lake Louise, I don’t have nor do I need a car. I get my groceries about once a month from Canmore where I car pool or get the shuttle and my days off are spent hiking or sun baking. We have a small colleagues takeaway shop that stocks toilet paper and other bit and pieces of groceries and a staff pub next to it.

It is a rare opportunity that when I do go away for a few days to Calgary or other places, I realize again what society in a normal city is like. Traffic jams and sky scraper buildings. People rushing about on the concrete side walk on the way to work or appointments.

I love the peaceful tranquility of Lake Louise. I walk to work which takes me 5 minutes. The staff accomadation is like dormitory style. I live in a building that has foor floors, 11 appartments on each floor and in each appartment, is 2 rooms with queen beds. I have my own room and share the appartment with another Australian.

All of our spa friends live in the same building, and when ever we want to visit our hang out or pre drink before going out to the pub, we just walk down the hallway and we are at someone else’s house.

This is a different way of life. This isn’t like living in a town of 35,000 people where I have my dog, a car, tupperware parties and my local pizza take away shop.

It’s not wrong, it’s just different. And I’ve never been happier.





Tuesday May 17th 2016 – “That Weird Chic”

The other day a friend commented on my domain name ‘’, and it got me thinking, not many people know or understand the reasoning behind the name.

Let me update you!

In present day moment, I embrace the term ‘that weird chic’. I am proud of it and take complete ownership of it. Without having an actually copyright or trademark to the saying, I own it!

To me, being weird is being unique, an individual. A person that questions why and has an opinion on EVERYTHING! And I don’t care. I don’t care about people’s negative opinions of me and people who waste my time.

I enjoy learning new things from talented and experienced people, I surround myself with positivity and I give off a positive vibe and say ‘Hi’ to every single person I encounter with a smile.

If that makes me weird, all the best to me!

But it wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Being weird wasn’t always a good thing. Being ‘weird’ got me down and hurt my feelings.

After spending nine months away from home when I was diagnosed with bone cancer, and going in and out of hospital, I returned a different person.

I person who had forgotten how to socialize. An almost teenager that was trying so hard to fit back into a life that no longer existed. Most of my friends from before I was sick, all of a sudden didn’t know how to act around me. They didn’t want to say things ‘incase it hurt my feelings’ or just saw me as a whole different person all together, someone that no longer belonged. I was socially awkward and always said the wrong thing.

When I went into high school, there were people from other schools that weren’t aware of my history, but just saw me as the girl that had to walk with a walking stick for a while and an obnoxious leg brace. They saw me as a shy, quiet individual that maybe wasn’t always quite there.

That is what they saw.

What was really happening was me trying so hard to be friends with people that didn’t understand me or what I had been through.

I gave up on trying and became, ‘that weird chic’.

I can’t remember if some one had said it one day or whether it was something that I had come up with in my head after one too many strange looks from people.

After surviving high school, I decided that being weird was a good thing. Being different is a good thing. Being a survivor is an even better thing to be, and if that makes me weird, I’ll take it any day!



Monday May 16th 2016 – “I believe in pink”

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

As many of you may or may not know, I have three incredible famous women who I idolize! One of those women is Audrey Hepburn. Not only was she a fashion icon of the golden age, but a women who glowed independence, happiness and generosity to the world.

She believed that anything was possible. And because she believed, she made things happen. She made things happen for herself and for other.

All it takes is a little bit of self belief, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Most of all, she believed in being the woman she was meant to be. She believed that women all around the world should be themselves and that is when they can be at their best. She believed that in a man’s world, she could conquer her own world and rise above with strength and grace. She had power in her own rights.

Have a happy Monday everyone! And remember to smile 🙂


Sunday May 15th 2016 -“You have power over your mind- not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength” Marcus Aurelius

A few weeks ago I decided to do more inspiration posts – Sunday April 10th 2016 – Inspiration Posts

Today I want to talk about the quote “You have power over your mind- not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength” – Marcus Auelius.

I came across this quote a long time ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I have even referred to this quote in my book.


The reason I love this quote so much is because it made me realize that I am the true sorcerer of my destiny. I could do as much as what my mind will let me. If you believe so much in your mind that you can achieve something, it really is possible.

This is also relevant for negative thoughts. When you feel down or upset about something, think about how you can change it. Think about who the only person is that can make you happy. Forget about everything else in life, you have power over your own mind to make yourself happy.

If you are constantly thinking positively, it becomes habit and the more you can constantly achieve.

Finding the strength to think positively can be a challenge sometimes if outside events keep getting you down. But I’ve learnt that you can’t change the people who don’t like you, or the mistakes you’ve made in the past, you can only learn from them, and you are the only person that has the power to do this.

The mind is a very powerful tool and can go one of two ways. To keep your mind on the positive side of the spectrum, keep practicing happiness everyday.

Say hi to people, smile and wave and people will smile back. Happiness is contagious as well as positive people. Surround yourself by positivety and the ‘outside events’ may not seem as bad.

Have a happy Sunday beautiful people ❤