Monday, December 26th 2016 – Neverland

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, a magical land of snow and ice castles existed. This place was known as Neverland.


Living in this magical land, were people who had come from all over the kingdom. Far and wide, creatures would come and stay. Some for a short while, to work and make magical coins and then return to their home land to continue on their journey. Others stayed for a longer period of time, and would eventually begin to make themelves at home.

Everyone would come with their own stories to tell of how they ended up in the magical land of Neverland. But regardless of how everyone got there, everyone had atleast this one thing in common; a free spirited and adventurous personality.

Some of the creatrues were known as ‘Peter Pans’ of the world. They had come from far away, had flown from across the sea to be there, go on adventures and help out the other creatures of the land. Others were ‘Tigerlilys’, native to the area. They knew the secrets of the landscape and how to avoid creatures such a wild bears and could easily navigate the rugged land without getting lost or hurt.


The Darlings would often visit and stay in the wonderful magical palace, to have little adventures of their own. The Peter Pans and the Tigerlilys would show them around the land, serve them with local delicacies and most of all, make them feel right at home.


Every now and then, a new magical creature could be found in Neverland. A creature that goes by the name of Tinkerbell.

This creature was a mender and a fixer. Finding its way in the world by helping others. Most Tinkerbells that ended up in Neverland, usually wanted to stay to help all of the Darling’s and the other creatures run the land. Tinkering about, fixing things here, mending things there.

Sometimes a Tinkerbell would have so many feelings for one small creature, that they often struggle to balance their emotions and find themselves torn between staying in Neverland with the other creatures and flying to across the sea to help other creatures in other little kingdoms.

But the one thing for sure about Tinkerbells, is that where ever they went, they would always leave a trail of fairy dust behind to help the other creatures fly and always think happy thoughts. And even though Tinkerbells had big personalities, that was sometimes diffucult to understand, they always just wanted to help others and inspire them with a little fairy dust and magic.


One of the little Tinkerbells felt it was her time to eventually move on and continue spreading her magic around the world and continue to share her fairy dust with not only the creatures of Neverland, but other people who needed the magic and fairy dust a little bit more.

Near the end of her time in Neverland, the powerful creatures of the land were throwing a party to celebrate all of The Darlings that had visited and to thank all of the Peter Pans and Tigerlilys for everything they had done.

Of course Tinkerbell knew she must attend to sprinkle just a little bit of her fairy dust to complete the magical scene of the evening.



Sunday December 4th 2016 – Superfoods :)

On the note of ‘Knowledge Is Power‘ I thought I would share a little secret of mine.

Since coming out to Canada, my eating habits have changed dramatically from the all filling amazing home cooking in Australia.

I have since though discovered, that I used to be an over indulger. I would eat EVERYTHING that were served to me on my dinner plate, and after all, that is how we are brought up. To not waste food and eat what is on your plate before you were priveledged with any dessert.

With being three of us children, plus Mum and Dad, Mum would cook enough food for an army and evetually I learnt this practice also. Cook more than I needed. Eat as much of it as possible, and use the leftovers the next day etc.

I was never an unheatlhy person as such, but I did enjoy my fast food every now and then and certainly ate more than I needed to because, well food was there for the taking and enjoying.

When I arrived to Lake Louise in September 2015, it all changed.

I had lived out of home before and buying my own groceries for myself was certainly never as issue. But there was just something different about the people here in Lake Louise.

Things like, ‘kale’ and ‘coconut oil’ were the norm for everyday foods and cooking.

Certain superfoods began making their way into my life, and I was learning about benefits that I had never paid much attention to before. Research and positive infuences were shaping the way I was changing my diet and lifesyle.

I used to make smoothies some mornings before work at home, that included incredients such as fresh fruits that I had frozen and coconut milk and of course my all time favourite, ‘chia seeds’.

I changed my Australian canola cooking oil to coconut oil. Cooking with canola oil can have long term effects on heart damage where as coconut oil digests much easier, putting less stress on the pancreas, increases the absorption of minerals into our bones for bone strength and does wonders for the immune system!

I changed my breakfasts from toast and coffee to my daily superfood smoothie.

This is just one of my little creations of my smoothies, and ideally I would have more greens such as spinach or kale for more vitamins, anti-oxidants and eye health 🙂 but I am currently out and need to do a mini run to the shops soon.

Anyway, what I have below is-

Coconut Milk-  Antiviral and antibacterial properties. For more information, click here 🙂

Chia Seeds aka SUPERFOOD – Digestion, heart health and metabolism. Wanna know more, click here 🙂

Yoghurt- I toss between greek yoghurt and Activia yoghurt (Convenience of buying at our local staff shop). We all know that the benefits of eating yoghurt daily is the natural bacterias that assist with digestion and immune system.

Frozen grapes- Protein, calcium and vitamin C. Freezing my grapes makes them last longer for my smoothies. For more information- click here!

Frozen strawberries and mangoes- Well other than the obvious benefits of these yummy tropical fruits, they taste amazing in my smoothies 🙂

Fresh ginger- Heart health (as you can tell by now, this is a pretty big one for me), immune sytem, metabolism and helps fight cancers (and by the way, there will probably be a whole nother blog post about foods that help fight cancers and my story behind this, but that is for another post!) 🙂  Intrigued about ginger? Click here

Thyme- I simply add it to balance the ginger. I discovered it one day when it came in my farm box in the summer. It was already in the box, so I experimented with it, and use it everyday now.


Thank you to my amazing friends out here that have had the positive influence on me and the healthy lifestyle 🙂

Please note: I am not a health care professional, nutritionist or anything of the sort, just a person who enjoys sharing healthy information. If you have any serious concerns or questions, please visit your own health care professional!


Saturday December 3rd 2016 – Knowledge Is Power

From the day I walked into my primary school, Cowra Public School, I was taught that ‘knowledge is power’. It was our school motto.



I always interpreted this as learning at school. Learning what our teachers were teaching us about our times tables and what is gramically correct. I never really fully understood the complexicity of the term until recently.

Everyday we are always learning. Every single day.

If we are not learning, we are not living.

It is always on the forefront of my mind to be able to share information with people that I come into contact with to help them learn something new. I know how excited and motivated I am when I learn something new.

Whether it is something work based, to help someone better their day at work or something personal, information or a hand that I can lend, I have always had the personality of wanting to help others.

The other day, a friend thanked me for recommending a particular experience to them that I had also experienced. It was knowledge that was too good not to share. Why would I keep information to myself when I can share it with the world. Better someone else’s day?

I think this is why I blog, to share information!

The more people circulate knowledge, the better off the world becomes.

When you ar excited about something new that you have learnt, or information that you KNOW will help someone else, I feel it is our duty as humans to help other gr0w.

The more you learn, the more you know, the more you know, the more power to you 🙂


Contiki 2014 – Grand Northern USA

For a while, I’ve wanted to write about my contiki in 2014.

I hadn’t started my blog yet when I traveled then but I definitely want to do a review on the tour. So I what I think I’ll do, is an over all overview of the contiki, then another blog of each of the place we stopped in at!

The tour started on a rainy morning in downtown New York at the Doubltree By Hilton, Chelsea. The night before, most of us met in the lobby for a quick meet and greet and exchange paperwork of insurance and passports with our contiki manager Craig, a typical American with a very strong southern accent, which threw me at first. Christ, what am I doing? Why on earth did I book this trip, everyone is terrifying me!

My anxiety of new people went into overdrive and I was stuck in the middle of a tiny cramped lobby with 30 or so other people introducing themselves to everyone while I managed to back my way out of the group after I had given my copies of the paper work and nudged towards the elevator and back to my room to try to get a good nights sleep after an extensive day of trying to get over my jet lag and the fact that I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life by coming overseas.

I missed home, my family and my friends already and I had only been out of the country for no more than 48 hours and I still had 30 something days to go!

Mel, pull yourself together, you are going to enjoy this trip no matter what!

The next day we all jumped in the bus and spent the next few hours playing ‘get to know you’ games before reaching our first destination, Boston. We did the touristy stuff in Boston for a couple of days then headed up on the bus to Canada!

We explored in Quebec City, Montreal and of course Toronto where we hit up way too many bars and drank way too much vodka to have our last trip in Canada at the beautiful Niagara Falls.

Before we crossed the border back into the States, we stopped in at the duty free store to stock up for the rest of the trip with more alcoholic goodies.

Next stop, Cleveland Ohio! We only spent one afternoon/night here. We ventured through the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame then spent the night ten pin bowling.

Over the coming days we stopped in at Chicago Illinois, Madison Wisconsin, Sioux Falls South Dakota, the incredible Badlands’ National Park, the tiny historic town of Walldrug and Mt. Rushmore. I got to go to my first baseball game and check in at the Spam Factory (needless to say, like most days we were hung over and the spam tastings were an interesting experience to say the least).

One place I remember fondly is Keystone, a town next to Mt. Rushmore that   I loved the little old town and I was caught it wanderlust of it all. A few of us spent an evening in the most amazing bar I have ever seen.

It was a cross between an old wooden small town bar, and a thrift shop. Yeah I’m serious, and I’ll go into more detail about it in my other blog and review about each town.

The next day would have been my favorite part of the bus trip by far!

We drove from Keystone through to the Wyoming Mountain Ranges, where for the first time ever, I saw snow. The forty or so of us proceeded to have a snow ball fight then return to the bus with blue frozen fingers and toes. It was totally worth it though 🙂

That afternoon we arrived to the small rodeo town of Cody, Wyoming. We all brought out our cowboy boots and hats and headed off the to rodeo for the evening!

The following days were spent in numerous national parks and time for some fresh air! We visited Yellowstone National Park, went on a horse ride through a local ranch, hiked through Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and finally, the one and only Grand Canyon!

We finished off our trip by spending three amazing days in Las Vegas where, like usual, we drank too much, spent too much and partied too much. It was the final hoorah for the contiki trip so we made the most of Las Vegas before everyone parting ways in Los Angeles, not without several tears and hugs and exchanges of phone numbers.

Contiki’s are infamous for that, creating bonds and friendships like no other. Not only are you travelling to incredible places for the first, and potentially one and only time, but you are sharing that experience and wanderlust with 49 other travellers.

People who are inspired by the world and want to achieve so much. Some already have achieved so much which inspires everyone else even more.

Thank you contiki for creating life long lasting memories and friendships for me with like minded travelers and world seekers.




Tuesday May 17th 2016 – “That Weird Chic”

The other day a friend commented on my domain name ‘’, and it got me thinking, not many people know or understand the reasoning behind the name.

Let me update you!

In present day moment, I embrace the term ‘that weird chic’. I am proud of it and take complete ownership of it. Without having an actually copyright or trademark to the saying, I own it!

To me, being weird is being unique, an individual. A person that questions why and has an opinion on EVERYTHING! And I don’t care. I don’t care about people’s negative opinions of me and people who waste my time.

I enjoy learning new things from talented and experienced people, I surround myself with positivity and I give off a positive vibe and say ‘Hi’ to every single person I encounter with a smile.

If that makes me weird, all the best to me!

But it wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Being weird wasn’t always a good thing. Being ‘weird’ got me down and hurt my feelings.

After spending nine months away from home when I was diagnosed with bone cancer, and going in and out of hospital, I returned a different person.

I person who had forgotten how to socialize. An almost teenager that was trying so hard to fit back into a life that no longer existed. Most of my friends from before I was sick, all of a sudden didn’t know how to act around me. They didn’t want to say things ‘incase it hurt my feelings’ or just saw me as a whole different person all together, someone that no longer belonged. I was socially awkward and always said the wrong thing.

When I went into high school, there were people from other schools that weren’t aware of my history, but just saw me as the girl that had to walk with a walking stick for a while and an obnoxious leg brace. They saw me as a shy, quiet individual that maybe wasn’t always quite there.

That is what they saw.

What was really happening was me trying so hard to be friends with people that didn’t understand me or what I had been through.

I gave up on trying and became, ‘that weird chic’.

I can’t remember if some one had said it one day or whether it was something that I had come up with in my head after one too many strange looks from people.

After surviving high school, I decided that being weird was a good thing. Being different is a good thing. Being a survivor is an even better thing to be, and if that makes me weird, I’ll take it any day!



Monday May 16th 2016 – “I believe in pink”

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

As many of you may or may not know, I have three incredible famous women who I idolize! One of those women is Audrey Hepburn. Not only was she a fashion icon of the golden age, but a women who glowed independence, happiness and generosity to the world.

She believed that anything was possible. And because she believed, she made things happen. She made things happen for herself and for other.

All it takes is a little bit of self belief, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Most of all, she believed in being the woman she was meant to be. She believed that women all around the world should be themselves and that is when they can be at their best. She believed that in a man’s world, she could conquer her own world and rise above with strength and grace. She had power in her own rights.

Have a happy Monday everyone! And remember to smile 🙂


Wednesday May 11th 2016 – The Canadian Fairmont Bucket List

Since having started working for this company, I have decided to make a-

‘Canadian Fairmont Bucket List’ 

A list of Fairmont Hotel’s that I want to spend at least one night in at some point for here in Canada as well as the United States (since its just down the road)!

  • Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise ✔️

Monday April 18th 2016 – The stayover


  • Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel ✔️

The reason I want to stay here, and honestly I already have twice, I just haven’t written about it yet, is because it is only 45 minutes away from Lake Louise. Having a passion for spa, the iconic Willow Stream Spa is one thing I certainly will be checking out! I will potentially stay here with my parents, will see 😉

  • Fairmont Palliser, Calgary ✔️

Tuesday, March 15th 2016 – 48 Hours in Calgary

  • Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

I will be staying here in September with my parents when they visit! So I shall keep you informed 🙂

  • Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton
  • The Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver

Again, in September, my parents will be lucky enough to check this place out with me!

  • The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver

I would love more than anything to be able to stay here!!! They have by what I have heard, the best high tea next to The Savoy in London! They also have a Willow Stream Spa 😍 The only reason I couldn’t book here is because the staff rate wasn’t available for when my parents are visiting 😦  Doesn’t mean we can’t pop over to check it out!

  • The Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver

Here I will be staying with my parents!! Woohoo

  • Fairmont Empress, Victoria

Victoria is a stone throw away from Vancouver and the hotel sits right on the waterfront. It is also home to another Willow Stream Spa

  • Fairmont Chateau Whistler

It’s Whistler, need I say anymore? And yes I will be staying here in September! 😁☺️😆


  • Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

Palm Trees, Beach and Willow Stream Spa. Ah, sounds like heaven! This place is very high up on the bucket list for a holiday getaway!

  • Fairmont Mayakoba, Mexico

I nearly made it here in January when I went on my Mexican trip with G Adventures! Friday January 15th 2016 – Cancun. There were no staff rates, so I didn’t book. But next time!!!

  • Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

I honestly love Boston! I was here in 2014 when I went on my first contiki trip, the Grand Northern. (I am yet to blog about it by the way. This trip was before I started blogging!) The historic city of Boston honestly fascinates me and I would go back there in a heartbeat to visit again. The Fairmont Copley Plaza is also recognized as one of the Historic Hotels of America, since its grand opening in 1912.

  • Fairmont Dallas

Dear god, I will never be able to explain in words how much I loved visiting Texas! Take me back!

Day 22 Monday 31st August- “Things do not happen, things are made to happen” JFK

Day 23 Tuesday 1st September – “Brace your backbone and forget your wishbone”

  • Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii

The Fairmont Orchid is home to The Spa Without Walls. Imagine laying there getting a facial with the sound of the water trickling from the waterfall and stream only meters away. And stepping out of the door from your room straight onto the beach. Sounds like heaven to me. And I’ve never been yet to Hawaii.

  • The Plaza, New York

Day 4 Thursday 13th August- Sex and the city

New York is without a doubt my favorite city in the whole world! Not only was it the starting place of both of my contiki trips, which literally changed my life both times, but the city itself is so incredibly diverse and cultured. You walk in one direction to one neighborhood to see Wall Street and skyscrapers, and in another direction you are in the middle of suburbia eating local cupcakes in the park that looks like something out of the “Forrest Gump” movie.

And The Plaza, well is speaks for itself. Do you remember watching ‘Home Alone 2 Lost In New York’ as a kid? Yes, this is the same place! Central Park is right next door (and no its not as scary as the movie makes it out to be) And for those Australians, Crocodile Dundee when he arrives in New York ( you know the scene) his hotel suite is bigger than my whole apartment!

I won’t go on any further, we all know The Plaza.

  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego

Even though I had 2 trips to the United States, San Diego is one destination I am yet to get to.

  • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Arizona

This place is also very high on the bucket list. If I am to one day able to work in the States and get a working Visa for there, here is the place to be! Home to the Well & Being Spa, a holistic overall wellness spa with a fitness center and the works. Right in the middle of Arizona where it is nice and warm, just how I like it!

  • Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle

I will be meeting my parents in Seattle in September when I see them for the first time in a whole 12 months! I tried to book here with the staff rate, but with no luck. We may just have to pop in for a visit though during out day in Seattle.

Eventually I will make my way to all of these incredible destinations. I know it won’t be any time soon, but one day in years to come, I will look back on this list and know just how achievable it really is!

Thank you Fairmont for being such an incredible place to work 💜


27 sleeps to go- Work Documents


 Today I received my official work induction documents for my new job in Canada!!

I am so excited.

It’s all pretty real now.

The induction documents cover everything from staff accommodation, grooming policy, even the hotel pet, the Director of Pet Relations, Marcus!

He looks adorable!

Good to know there is a pet on site, I know I will miss my Mia 😦

30 sleeps to go- Party Supplies!

Like any other big exciting occasion, a party of course is in store!

I’m not having a theme for my party, and it’s just nibblies and drinks in a function room at a pub in town.

There is an idea that I have though that I did want to incorporate into the party!

A photo booth!

On the downside, I’m not paying an arm and a leg for a hire one :/

So I came up with a plan!

At my 21st a few years ago, I bought disposable cameras and put them out on the tables at the party.

A couple of days after the party, I took the cameras into Big W and had the photos developed onto a CD and uploaded them to Facebook for everyone to see.

There were some really interesting and funny photos taken on the night.

I love the fact that with disposable cameras, you can’t just go back and delete a photo if you don’t like it, like you can on camera phones and dogit cameras.

So my plan for my ‘pop up photo booth’ is to buy disposable cameras again, set up an area in the function room of the pub and have accessories to use for funny photos!

I will get someone to get the photos developed after the party, because my farewell party, is the day before I leave.

Mum can upload them to Facebook and funny photos can be shared all round 🙂