5 sleeps to go- My MiaΒ 

Since I finished work on Friday, I have had my mind set on completing my huge to do list of things I still had to get done before I leave this Sunday.

I had to get Mia registered, close my personal loan account, visit Nan in Cowra, get my phone screen fixed, get my tax done, wash my clothes and finish packing, find an outfit for Saturday night,find a new venue for my farewell on Saturday night… Shall I continue?

Haha it has been an overwhelmingly couple of days.

I got home on Tuesday afternoon exhausted and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

I went outside to have a play with Mia and give her some cuddles.

I have never seen her so sad looking and the puppy dog face was out of this world.

I sat down on the bench and she tried to cuddle up to me like a lap dog.

Instead she just sat in front of me and placed her head on my shoulder and snuggled up 😦

It’s funny how dogs just know things.

You hear of dogs knowing of their owner is pregnant, or if they are really sick, well Mia knows that I’m going away for a while.

I will miss her terribly and where ever I decide to end up long term, I hope that it is possible for her to join me.

Below is a video Mum took while I was sitting with Mia tonight


28 sleeps to go- Snow Day SundayΒ 

Β Β 
For about a week now, there has been snow precicted in town as well as every where around the central west.

This afternoon, a couple of friends and myself decided to go snow hunting!

We drove about 20 minutes out of Bathurst when we came along to peices of snow along the side of the road and eventually to Sunny Corner State Forest.

We pulled over to have a play in the snow, take some photos, catch a selfie with a snowman and even a little bit of slip and sliding in the snow πŸ™‚

Along the way i did a little bit of filming and took some photos to make a majisto film of the day.

Ah what a beautiful sight snow is πŸ™‚

It was lovely to be able to hang out with some friends and a relaxing but fun Sunday.

I guess with a snow day, I’m preparing myself for the cold and snow of the Canadian Rockies!


29 sleeps to go- Love letters to yourself

Without sounding vain or cocky, it is possible to be able to love yourself.

With every little flaw, dimple, freckle, stretch mark, scar, roll or imperfection you might think you have, there is nothing wrong with loving who you are.

In this day and age, being confident and proud of yourself is still looked at as being stuck up, rude or arrogant.

I don’t see it that way at all.

It takes a lot for an individual to be happy and confident with themselves in any aspect of their life.

Whether it is your professional life, personal appearance, confidence around people or even just one other person.

We as a human race can overcome a lot, and more times than not, there is never enough credit given.

But people who say things to me like, ‘you are so brave’ or ‘wow I would never be able to do what you are doing’ see my actions (for example to go overseas or to have overcome cancer) as something extraordinary.

But I see it as just something that I have done, or am going to do. Something that is not foreign to me or scary at all.

Yesterday I was speaking with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while, and she made a comment to me.

‘I miss your motivation and positivity’

My positive personality is something that is just natural to me.

Something that I find normal.

I forget that people aren’t always as happy or think as forward the way I do.

But I love being able to encourage and motivate people.

So my thought for the day, is to remind yourself of the things you love about yourself.

Write yourself a love letter.

I love my smile.

I love my hips.

I love the way I can help someone look at something in a positive way.

I love how much I have learnt in the last few years since I have studied.

I love that I am pursuing my dreams.

I love that I have a supportive and fantastic family.

I love that I have beautiful friends.

Now you try πŸ™‚

If your intentions and heart is in the right place, there is nothing cocky about being confident and loving yourself!