Sunday, April 3rd – My Book

In November 2012, after discovering that the metal rod that was in my leg had broken, I remember sitting in the doctors office to the point of no return.

I knew in this moment, it was the last straw.


For years I had wanted to write a book, and now was the time to do it.

4 years later and over 100’s of hours of writing, editing, crying and laughing at memories of days gone by and a some 150 pages, I am almost ready to self publish.

I have spoken to numerous people about how I go about self publishing as well as people who are mentioned in the book and have their permission to use their names in the book.

I had originally given myself a deadline of May 31st to complete the book and have it sent off to the publishers. However, I am very close to the end, so maybe April 30th will be my new deadline.

I have also spoken to the owner of the book store in the hotel and he is also happy to have my book on the shelf. How exciting!

I shall keep you updated 🙂

Wednesday 24th February 2016 – Mel’s Book

Hi Everyone!

So I don’t know how many people are still actually genuinely following my blog since I started it 10 months ago now.

I am in the process of self publishing my book that I began writing 3 years ago. My biography about what I went through when I was diagnosed with cancer and what life was like after treatment.

It’s something I decided to do after finding out that a metal rod had broken in my leg in 2012 after a leg lengthening procedure. It was the final motivation and kick up the bum I needed to really start writing.

Well since then I have some 130 pages, how many 100’s of thousands of words between editing and re editing.

My challenge now is that I have had no luck with being published through a publishing company. Now what I am doing is self publishing.

I am using the publishing program ‘Bookwright’ and using the online publishing company,

The other challenge is the fact that with self publishing, you need cash up front! And lots of it. Currently I have been quoted around $20 per book, and at the moment by requests stand at 200 + people wanting a copy.

So I have started a Go Fund Me page!-
What I am going to do is every day or every second day for the next couple of weeks is write a post, summarizing each chapter of the book, giving people an idea of what to expect from the book 😉

Will keep you posted!!