Thursday August 4th 2016 – Paddle boarding 

Today I had the day off and decided to be a little more adventurous.

At the colleague services department, we can loan out equipment like tents and vests and paddle boards!

So Natasha and I thought we would try our luck paddle boarding. Needless to say, it was much easier sitting down on them than actually standing up it turns out.

We picked up the boards from colleague services and managed to set them up then we headed down to the lake.

After a rocky start, we discovered how to paddle properly off we went.

The views while being out in the middle of the lake, were really out of this world.

We had some fun and a laugh on the lake, a snack and some sun baking before ending the day.

Check out my little GoPro video!






Thursday July 14th 2016 – Calgary Stampede 

For a few months now, myself and a few other friends have had tickets booked for the one and only, Calgary Stampede!

It was an event not to be missed.

On the Wednesday night, we drove down to Calgary and stayed in the cute little HI Hostel where we made ourselves comfortable before heading out to celebrate our first night at Cowboys Bar and Casino.

The next day, we got all dressed up and ready for a day at the Stampede and to finish off the night with the Zac Brown Band concert!!


Friday July 1st 2016 – Canada Day

The last few days haven’t been easy with home sickness and wanting to go home.

The one thing that helped with the home sickness, was knowing that Canada Day was coming up. I couldn’t go 9 months of being in Canada already just to want to go home and miss out on Canada Day.

The day started off with a stroll around at the lake and taking some cheesy photos with some Canadian flags.

The crowds of staff and guests at the lake made the morning quite festive and patriotic. After all, everyone was getting ready for the annual tradition of the ‘Polar Bear Dip’, jumping into the lake.

Yes, Lake Louise, that is full of fresh icy glacier water.

It is tradition after all!



Monday June 27th 2016 – Moraine Lake

Today myself, Natasha and Danielle decided to embrace the warm sunny day and head out to Moraine Lake.

I had just received some bad news from home, my Nan on my Dad’s side had passed away and she had been unwell for years. Slowly and gradually she had deteriorated and yesterday, I received a call from Mum telling me she had passed away during the night.

Travelling and having a family emergency at home can be quite difficult and challenging when it is near impossible to go back home. Yes there is travel insurance that covers travel for home and work is always understanding, but going home wasn’t an option, and after speaking with Mum and Dad and having them re-assure me that it was ok to not come home, and Nan wouldn’t want me to leave Canada, I felt a bit better about not being there.

I would see Mum and Dad in September anyway when they visit Canada, and I have a visit planned for Australia in November, so I was doing okay.

Luckily I have wonderful friends here in Canada, who helped me get through my grief and pain.

They kept me distracted and we went out to Moraine Lake to explore for the afternoon and get some beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful secret scenes here in the Rockies.

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

R.I.P Nan, I will take you with me through all of my Canadian adventures ❤

Tuesday June 14th 2016 – Welcome Back Snow

This morning I opened my blinds to see snow falling freely and settling on the ground.

Yes, it is the middle of summer here now, but remember, up here in the Canadian Rockies, anything can happen and anything is possible!

This is the view from my bedroom window 🙂

Ah, Lake Louise, how special and beautiful you are! There is something magical about a snow fall in summer in Lake Louise. Like a reminder of the worlds endless and unexpected possibilities.




Those mountains…  ❤

Monday June 6th 2016- Lake Agnes Hike

Today I finally went on my first hike! I trekked with one of my friends up to the Lake Agnes Tea House!

We checked in at the first view point after about 20 minutes. The hike up wasn’t strenuous, but the altitude quickly and unexpectedly literally takes your breath away. It is well worth it though. If you take it easy

There was a quick photo moment at Mirror Lake before reaching Lake Agnes and the Lake Agnes Tea House.

The view up at the Lake Agnes Tea House was amazing and being able to see Lake Louise from the top, was something quite magical and special.

The round trip was about 3 hours and difficult level would be a 2 out of 5.

Sunday May 8th 2016 – “Every story has an end in life. Every ending is just a new beginning” – Uptown Girls

This morning I got up early and decided to go for a morning walk to the lake. I was all ready for the gym but thought for some reason, maybe I’ll just go check out the lake first, maybe walk to the end of the lake and back.

It felt good to be outdoors ,fresh air in my lungs and even through it was Sunday, I just knew it was the start of something good.

I get to the lake, and tears of happiness and joy began rolling down my face.

The lake had melted!

Overnight, the rest of the ice had just fallen and and the water was flowing freely!

I knew I had skipped the gym for some reason, and that reason was that it was definitely time that I did the walk to the back of the lake 🙂

The waterfall was still partly frozen, it looked pretty cool!

When I get back to the front of the lake, I had a little friend waiting for me, a little poser that stood happily on the rock while I took his picture 🙂

This is the start of something new, something exciting!

This is the start of summer!


Tuesday April 19th 2016 – The Housewarming

Last night, after a whirlwind of staying over at the hotel, then going through the Lake Louise shops to get some goodies, Raelene and I had our housewarming party last night, wine and cheese style!

Everyone but about 3 or 4 people were drinking red wine. Since being here in Lake Louise, a lot of us are experiencing good wine (thank you Fairmont!)

I really have a taste for red wine now! No more of that cheap vodka crap or Australian goon bags haha.

I made up a few different platters with the supplies that I had and other brought along their specialty dishes of their own.

Last night though, we were not only celebrating a housewarming, but Jen’s last day at work, and to her surprise, Kana’s birthday which is in a few days time, but we decided to surprise her with a birthday ice cream cake!

After a couple glasses of wine and as much good cheese as we possibly could, out came the games.

Haren had brought along catch phrase but it gets very loud and verbal in a small apartment, so we switched to the good old JENGA, which I had picked up on the donation table a few days ago.

Thank you everyone who had come along for a fun night of good food, good wine and fabulous company.