Wednesday November 16th 2016 – The first layer of ice on the Lake!

This afternoon I went to the gym and when I returned outside, I could see a very fine thin layer of ice merging on the lake!

It’s that time of year again.

It will only be overnight now and no doubt tomorrow, there just may be a tiny layer of snow settled on the lake if it snows tonight.

I love how Lake Louise can literally transform overnight ❤


And those clouds <3..  My backyard is so beautiful!



Saturday September 3rd 2016 – Vancouver and The Fairmont Waterfront

This morning my parents and I left Seattle to head up to Vancouver.

First we stopped by the Pike Market Place though, to get in a quick tourist picture 🙂


We left early to ‘try’ and beat some of the Labor Day weekend traffic, but by the time we reached the border, it was busy regardless.

We got into Vancouver not long after lunch time where we checked in to The Fairmont Waterfront property. One that is on my Canadian bucket list 😉

Wednesday May 11th 2016 – The Canadian Fairmont Bucket List



Ahh! So much excitement 🙂 🙂

When we checked in, our room wasn’t ready. Which I half expected because it was only midday. So we dropped off the car, walked up to the Fairmont Pacific Rim to have a quick look in, then walked along the False Creek Seawall all the way to Stanley Park.

When we reached Stanley Park, we decided that the best way to get around was by a horse drawn carriage.




After Stanley Park, we went back to the hotel to pick up the car and drive over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

Canada, you are so beautiful!!

That night, we ate at the ARC Restaurant at the Waterfront.


For an appetizer, I had the Pacific Prawn Salad.


Who knew that a simple salad could be so amazing! Yum!

For my main, I ordered the Ross Down Farms Chicken and the Lavendar 75 cocktail 🙂


I love being able to try amazing food like this. People are truly talented. And that cocktail! I’ve never had lavendar in a cocktail before, but it was to die for. It was B.E.A.UTIFUL! And the lavendar is even grown in their own roof top garden. Great work Fairmont!


Sunday August 21st 2016 – “The climb is tough, but the view from the top is worth it” 


Today I had a day off so I decided to go on a hike 🙂

Last hike I did was to Lake Agnes. Today I decided on doing a hike that is an extension of Lake Agnes, the Little Beehive.


I stopped in at Mirror Lake 🙂
The views on the way up are breathtaking 🙂





At Lake Agnes again 🙂





On the summit on the way to the top of Little Beehive 🙂




It was quite a treck! And the elevation is 2,270 metres above sea level, so my chest and lungs felt it more than my legs.


Thursday August 11th 2016 – My first bear sighting 

For quite a few months now, everyone I know has been posting pictures of animals that they have seen in the area. Mainly black bears and grizzly bears now that it is summer and they are all out and about.

We do live in a National Park, so realistically it is their backyard and they can be seen almost anywhere!

Up until now, I had been sad that I hadn’t yet had my first bear sighting. My room mate and I were coming back to Lake Louise from Canmore after doing groceries and decided to take the Bow Valley Parkway. It is known for its common wild life sightings.

I have never seen anything more beautiful and magical!

Don’t worry, we were confined to the safety of the car!


Tuesday August 9th 2016 – It’s been a year already..

Today, is one year since I left Australia for my big overseas adventure.

A whole 365 days had gone so quickly and I wonder how the time has really flown by.

I never expected it to go so quickly, but somehow, between work, socializing, exploring and meeting some truly incredible people, another year in life has come and gone.

I want to re cap on what I have learnt while being away for a year

1. I live to travel

Everything that I do, that I save for and think about is where the next destination is. What is the next adventure? Where else in the world do I want to explore.

The more than one travels, the more focused they are in doing so to keep traveling.

I have seen so many wonderful sights in the last year in the USA and here in the Canadian Rockies. This continuesly inspires me to want to see more.

2. Bad things will always happen whether you are travelling or not.

Don’t be afraid of something happening and letting it stop you from travelling. Whether some one is sick or going through a hard time, life will continue to go on.

I don’t mean to describe this in a selfish way, I just mean that sometimes it can’t be helped when something happens and you can’t be there for your family in the flesh.

Things have happened back at home in Australia in the last 12 months, things that I would typically be around my family for in a time of need.

Unfortunately, being on the other side of the world from your family can have its challenges. Being away doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means I am chasing my dreams, and realistically it can be difficult to be home at short notice.

I speak to my family regularly over Facebook chat and on the phone a lot. I wish I could be there more.

But something inside me, part of my fate and calling I guess you could say, has lead me to be here in Canada right now to travel, work and explore. So I make the most of my time while I am travelling, and I remember that good things happen too 😊

3. No two days are ever the same 

Each and everyday is a new and exciting adventure!

Something new is around each corner and you can never expect what will happen each day.

This is why every day is different, especially in Lake Louise-

September 17th 2015


October 13th 2015

October 31st 2015


November 23rd 2015


December 14th 2015


February 8th 2016


February 26th 2016


March 22nd 2016



May 2nd 2016


May 8th 2016


July 1st 2016


August 4th 2016

Lake Louise is so beautiful that it blows me away. I still pinch myself every day that the view is constantly changing and evolving with the weather and the season.

There is something new every single day 🙂

4. Through traveling, you find like minded people.

People are like magnets, what we are is what we attract.

I find myself to be a happy, positive and outgoing person. That is also the sort of people that I seem to attract.

I have met people out here that lived unique and interesting lives and I find them fascinating.

Like Buddha says “What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become”.

I enjoy and appreciate having friends that motivate and inspire me, and in return I hope that I inspire them too ❤

5. Lake Louise is it’s little own unique snow globe.

If you are looking to work in Lake Louise, or most places in the Canadian Rockies, be prepared for the isolation.

Some people aren’t up to handling the isolation out here, but for those who enjoy the tranquility, Lake Louise is perfect for you.

Lake Louise is 1,600 meters (5,200 Ft) above sea level. The air is much thinner and the life is much quieter. Coming from a town with a population of 35,000 people and a car, my local coffee shop and several shopping malls, I underestimated the feeling of being part of a town and society.

Here in Lake Louise, I don’t have nor do I need a car. I get my groceries about once a month from Canmore where I car pool or get the shuttle and my days off are spent hiking or sun baking. We have a small colleagues takeaway shop that stocks toilet paper and other bit and pieces of groceries and a staff pub next to it.

It is a rare opportunity that when I do go away for a few days to Calgary or other places, I realize again what society in a normal city is like. Traffic jams and sky scraper buildings. People rushing about on the concrete side walk on the way to work or appointments.

I love the peaceful tranquility of Lake Louise. I walk to work which takes me 5 minutes. The staff accomadation is like dormitory style. I live in a building that has foor floors, 11 appartments on each floor and in each appartment, is 2 rooms with queen beds. I have my own room and share the appartment with another Australian.

All of our spa friends live in the same building, and when ever we want to visit our hang out or pre drink before going out to the pub, we just walk down the hallway and we are at someone else’s house.

This is a different way of life. This isn’t like living in a town of 35,000 people where I have my dog, a car, tupperware parties and my local pizza take away shop.

It’s not wrong, it’s just different. And I’ve never been happier.





Thursday August 4th 2016 – Paddle boarding 

Today I had the day off and decided to be a little more adventurous.

At the colleague services department, we can loan out equipment like tents and vests and paddle boards!

So Natasha and I thought we would try our luck paddle boarding. Needless to say, it was much easier sitting down on them than actually standing up it turns out.

We picked up the boards from colleague services and managed to set them up then we headed down to the lake.

After a rocky start, we discovered how to paddle properly off we went.

The views while being out in the middle of the lake, were really out of this world.

We had some fun and a laugh on the lake, a snack and some sun baking before ending the day.

Check out my little GoPro video!






Thursday July 14th 2016 – Calgary Stampede 

For a few months now, myself and a few other friends have had tickets booked for the one and only, Calgary Stampede!

It was an event not to be missed.

On the Wednesday night, we drove down to Calgary and stayed in the cute little HI Hostel where we made ourselves comfortable before heading out to celebrate our first night at Cowboys Bar and Casino.

The next day, we got all dressed up and ready for a day at the Stampede and to finish off the night with the Zac Brown Band concert!!


Friday July 1st 2016 – Canada Day

The last few days haven’t been easy with home sickness and wanting to go home.

The one thing that helped with the home sickness, was knowing that Canada Day was coming up. I couldn’t go 9 months of being in Canada already just to want to go home and miss out on Canada Day.

The day started off with a stroll around at the lake and taking some cheesy photos with some Canadian flags.

The crowds of staff and guests at the lake made the morning quite festive and patriotic. After all, everyone was getting ready for the annual tradition of the ‘Polar Bear Dip’, jumping into the lake.

Yes, Lake Louise, that is full of fresh icy glacier water.

It is tradition after all!



Monday June 27th 2016 – Moraine Lake

Today myself, Natasha and Danielle decided to embrace the warm sunny day and head out to Moraine Lake.

I had just received some bad news from home, my Nan on my Dad’s side had passed away and she had been unwell for years. Slowly and gradually she had deteriorated and yesterday, I received a call from Mum telling me she had passed away during the night.

Travelling and having a family emergency at home can be quite difficult and challenging when it is near impossible to go back home. Yes there is travel insurance that covers travel for home and work is always understanding, but going home wasn’t an option, and after speaking with Mum and Dad and having them re-assure me that it was ok to not come home, and Nan wouldn’t want me to leave Canada, I felt a bit better about not being there.

I would see Mum and Dad in September anyway when they visit Canada, and I have a visit planned for Australia in November, so I was doing okay.

Luckily I have wonderful friends here in Canada, who helped me get through my grief and pain.

They kept me distracted and we went out to Moraine Lake to explore for the afternoon and get some beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful secret scenes here in the Rockies.

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

R.I.P Nan, I will take you with me through all of my Canadian adventures ❤