Tuesday April 19th 2016 – The Housewarming

Last night, after a whirlwind of staying over at the hotel, then going through the Lake Louise shops to get some goodies, Raelene and I had our housewarming party last night, wine and cheese style!

Everyone but about 3 or 4 people were drinking red wine. Since being here in Lake Louise, a lot of us are experiencing good wine (thank you Fairmont!)

I really have a taste for red wine now! No more of that cheap vodka crap or Australian goon bags haha.

I made up a few different platters with the supplies that I had and other brought along their specialty dishes of their own.

Last night though, we were not only celebrating a housewarming, but Jen’s last day at work, and to her surprise, Kana’s birthday which is in a few days time, but we decided to surprise her with a birthday ice cream cake!

After a couple glasses of wine and as much good cheese as we possibly could, out came the games.

Haren had brought along catch phrase but it gets very loud and verbal in a small apartment, so we switched to the good old JENGA, which I had picked up on the donation table a few days ago.

Thank you everyone who had come along for a fun night of good food, good wine and fabulous company.


Monday December 21st – Happiness is smelly cheese and good wineΒ 

For weeks us ladies at the spa had wanted to do a wine and cheese night.

Monday night is pub night so tonight we gathered and the Amanda’s house to finally have our lovely classy wine and cheese night.

The other day the local staff pub held a wine sale so I stocked up on a few bottles..

Haha, so I only took one bottle with me to the wine and cheese night.

We all dressed up and had our cheese platter and lovely wine πŸ™‚

I love that we are all red wine drinkers too. I’ve acquired a taste for red wine, for which I have Terry and Rose, my previous employers to thank for πŸ™‚

A fun pre night out selfie πŸ™‚
Β Trying to get all of us in one selfie with our wine and cheese!

Thank you ladies for a lovely evening!